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Dohlberg Tigers - "To our friends" (English Homepage)

Proud Dohlberg Tiger

At first let us apologize, that this is the only english page of our site. The effort would be too big to maintain the whole site as well in English. So please be satisfied with this single english page. If you are interested in other content of our site, we assume, that you might have some elementary knowledge of the german language, or at least the idea to learn a few words, so you can practice it here !   Furthermore, pictures and numbers are international anyway, so feel invited to surf our german content as well.

Generally, the Dohlberg Tigers Büdingen have a long and fruitfull history and friendship with foreign - especially US American - team members. During the past 25 years, more or less 30 US American Basketball players participated in our teams. Most of this team members originated from the US American Büdingen Armstrong Kaserne Popup-Fenster and unfortunately could spent only a few years here, before they had to move back or away again. However, we had a lot of fun together and be sure, we keep you in honor !   Best greetings and wishes to you, if you happen to come across this page. Other former team members initially came from the Kaserne, but have decided to stay in Büdingen for longer time or for the rest of their life. Some of them played a couple of years with the Tigers.

We specially should mention the "record holder" Herbert Balkcom, who has played about 15 years with us. Special thanks to you, Herbert, you are "one of the souls" of the Tigers ! Furthermore, we want also to highlight Rich Cook, who first played with the Dohlberg Tigers around 2000, when he was based at the Armstrong Kaserne, and - when he came back to Germany in 2008 - remembered the Tigers and joined our team again. Thats great, and this is a big honor for us to be remembered after such a long time ! Now, as of 2010, he is unfortunately again around somewhere in the far east, and we wish him all luck.

Now let us move from the past/presence to the future ;-)
The Dohlberg Tigers strongly appreciate the participation of further participants. If you are interested in playing Basketball with the Tigers, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us via E-Mail or just join our practice or watch one of our games mentioned as "Nächste Spiele" (next games) in News und Termine.

Content of our Web Site

In order to assist you a little bit with the german content of our site, we prepared an english translation of the meaning and content of the main entry points. However, please be aware of the fact, that the content itself will be in German.

Startseite (German language starting page)
This is the standard (german language) starting page of our site

News und Termine (News, events and dates)
Recent news, upcoming dates, "special events", changes etc.

Aktuelle Saison (Actual season results)
From the actual season: results, standings, reports, scoring, schedules, dates etc. Furthermore an archive of earlier results (in progress)

1. Herren (Team)
Introduction of the actual team

Jugend (Kids and Teens)
Kid and Teen related activities and teams

"Veteranen" ("Veterans")
Activities of our "veterans" and "just for fun" playing

"Wir über uns" ("About us")
Information about the Tigers, their evolution and development, some historical facts and figures, route map, general reports, contact persons and similar stuff

"Sponsors", Partner, Stammkneipen ("Sponsors")
Information about "sponsors", partners and favourite bars of the Tigers.

Links to Basketball related associations, other teams nearby, interesting Basketball sites in Germany, and to our nice town Büdingen. Furthermore something about the initiative "Vote for the Tigers".

"To our friends"
This page (unfortunately the only english page ;-):
Information about the Dohlberg Tigers in English language



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